What is a Telephone Exchange?

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What is a Telephone Exchange?

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The Telephone Exchange is a technology created with the aim of simplifying communication between people. With the Central, it is possible to make and receive calls both internal and external to the company. Furthermore, this technology allows the creation of Service URAs and enables participation in Conference Rooms. Since the emergence of Telephone Exchanges, there has been a great evolution of this technology. Now, in addition to being safer and more technological, this equipment has advanced features. All of this only contributed even more to the use of the Telephone Exchange within companies. But how exactly does this technology work? How does the Telephone Exchange work? We can explain this technology as a state-of-the-art device that connects two points, enabling communication. Generally, this connection is made between extensions, both internal and external.

To make it even clearer, think of the Telephone number database Center as an umbrella that covers the company's telephone communication. man using a softphone There is no denying that the Virtual PBX is essential for the company's telephone system to work. Because it makes contact between customers, employees and company partners possible. Leaving the Center for a bit now, do you know why offering the possibility of contact through calls is so important for your customer? Why is telephony so important? If there's one thing we know, it's that customers will always look for a phone number to contact the company. Because, when the need for support arises, we always prefer humanized support. This occurs mainly due to the proximity and agility present in telephone service.


Not to mention that, by serving your consumer through chat, you are opening up space for miscommunication. In other words, even though it is so important to offer a range of possibilities, telephony needs to be present. Now, when we talk about cloud telephony , what does the Telephone Center of this solution look like? Telephone Exchange in Cloud Telephony: Without a shadow of a doubt, Cloud Telephony draws attention because it does not depend on physical installations to function. Therefore, unlike what happened in the past, companies do not need to give up physical space to host servers and other equipment essential to the functioning of common systems. woman using cloud telephony that has the telephone exchange hosted on Google Cloud Platform servers.