NSC wins ADVB Marketing and Sales TOP with Business SC

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NSC wins ADVB Marketing and Sales TOP with Business SC

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The portal, which is a reference in planning and purchasing media in SC, won the Top ADVB/SC Marketing and Sales in the Rubber and Plastic Manufacturers Email Lists communication category. Negócios SC , from NSC , the largest communication group in the State, is the first self-service media portal in Brazil, where it is possible to have access to exclusive data and research, carry out planning and simulation of campaigns, hire the media and forward production of parts in one place. A revolution in the communications market.

Created in 2018, the portal aims to demystify media and communication in the Santa Catarina market, showing small and medium-sized companies that advertising in large vehicles is within everyone's reach. Through this inclusion, Negócios SC contributes to boosting the results of brands in the State. – Our role is to educate, support and provide the best tools for businesspeople to make decisions more assertively and ensure maximum efficiency in communication within the state’s leading audience vehicles – says Adriano Araldi,

General Director of Market at NSC. The ADVB/SC Top Marketing and Sales award ceremony will take place on December 6th, in Florianópolis. Negócios SC brings together more than a thousand contents to democratize knowledge about marketing, business and communication in Santa Catarina. There are articles, market news, tutorials, research, podcasts, success stories, interviews with experts and exclusive studies, all in different and easy-to-consume formats.


The portal also has the first campaign simulator in Brazil, aimed at planning multiplatform campaigns automatically. Using algorithms we guarantee that the media plan will be optimized to achieve all advertisers' communication objectives. In the interface, the advertiser can also hire the service of creating advertisements for television, radio and digital display quickly and intuitively.

This award demonstrates that the purpose of the portal is being achieved. Negócios SC is a very powerful marketing tool for the market to boost sales and make connections with the public – explains Gabriely Laurentino from Portal Negócios SC. In addition to the online experience, the portal supports major business events in the State, such as HJ Conference, ExpoGestão, Startup Summit, Exposuper, Empreende Brazil, RD Summit, seeking to be alongside entrepreneurs and brands. With stands and lectures at these events, Negócios SC and NSC create new connections with the entrepreneurial public in Santa Catarina.

Another possibility is when the company will enter new markets, whether national or abroad, and the current identity does not contribute to this context. Reactive rebranding occurs out of necessity. Situations of this kind include the sale of the business or negative publicity due to the brand. This was the case with Uncle Ben's, renamed Ben's Original, which abandoned the racial stereotype in its communication after the Black Lives Matter movement in 2020.